Climate Change-Global Warming effect has been started to see since many years ago-Sonam Sherpa

Kathamandu-Climate Change/Global Warming effect has been started to see since many years ago. Nature gives us different seasons every month and it’s gifted by nature.

Mostly Rainfall can only be seen in summer many incidents have started to see because of current heavy rainfall about 95% of Kaziranga National Park (India) may be underwater and many animals are dying continuously the shelters besides river are flooded and many people are dying the whole species are in danger.

The landslide sliding the house of rich and flood washing aways the houses of poor. Nature has no discrimination the way people react to the activities is what important is what affects nature.

global warming campaigner Father and Son. Father Pk Sherpa and son Sonam Sherpa

Heavy rainfall is caused by cold fonts, ex-tropical cyclones. Heavy rainfall occurs with high wind, risking the forestry crops. A small increase in sea-level rise is likely to drive huge increases in the frequency of coastal flooding in the next 20–30 years.

Trees are the natural Anti flood who sucks all the water which is needed to them as well but mostly us even with one tree can save more than a couple of life which can change a whole person’s life which can also change other’s world and for our savior to be planted is not a big deal a person can plant a 100’s of trees but if we all try the world crisis Global Warming/Climate change effect can decrease which will make future generation safe with the environment. Nature doesn’t hold back, let’s be careful!!

(Sonam sherpa climate change campaigner/ global warming campaigner Father and Son.)

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