“If Nature’s Sick, Earth’s at Risk”-Sonam Sherpa

Kathamandu-“If Nature’s Sick, Earth’s at Risk”. The Global, Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Earth is known as the only astronomical object to harbor life in the solar system.

According to Radiometric dating estimation and other researchers Earth has formed over 4.5 billion years ago. The Earth we see isn’t what it used to be Earth was filled with lava’s and was very unstable for any life after many years of creation the earth was cooled and slowly the suitable environment started to generate.

About 3.7billion years ago the earliest life form was born in nature of the Earth which were microscopic organisms slowly the life started to evolve.

“If Nature’s Sick, Earth’s at Risk”-Sonam Sherpa

Most experts agree that all life today evolved by common descent from a single primitive lifeform. It is not known how this early life form evolved, but scientists think it was a natural process that happened about 3,900 million years ago.

This is in accord with the philosophy of naturalism only natural causes are admitted. Nature itself is a part of earth after all the time earth took we’re at the edge because of our own activities Earth might just go how it was in the first or even the worse chemicalized earth. Nature+Earth = Our home!!!

(Sonam sherpa climate change campaigner/ global warming campaigner Father and Son.)

“Earth is suffering due to Global Warming heat, lets reduce it by keeping nature neat”-Sonam Sherpa

Himalayas and sea are having fever, We must clean rivers-Sonam Sherpa

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